A game about Santa's factory made by me and two others. You are in charge for controlling the machines in Santa's factory. You start with TWO BUTTONS, but the button panel GROWS every time you finish one of the 4 levels. We didn't like either of the themes, so we went with a bit of both.

We didn't really finish the game in time, but decided to release it anyway...
We also had no time to make proper instructions, so here you go:

Level 1: Green presents have to go down (left button), blue ones have to go right (right button)
Level 2: Melt the metal to tin soldiers, but don't burn the presents
Level 3: Sugar has to be stamped to candy canes. It then gets wraped in the present machine, but all other presents get destroyed in it, when it's on
Level 4: Cook chickens, Hack chickens, Mix chickens with candy canes (to get chicken filled with candy canes?), chop color cans open, stamp wood to get wodden figures, mix paint with wodden figures, wrap wodden figures, half cooked chicken, filled chicken, ... I hope I didn't forget one.

The controls are displayed under the buttons on the screen. They change every time you start a level to make things more interesting.

Also check out the instructions in the menu.

StatusIn development
Made withlibGDX